two staff members reviewing computer dataIn the Data-Centric world, one of the most important assets for businesses today is data. We are generating way more data than before. As per one of the statistics, every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated, and 90% data is generated in the last 2 years alone. While data has provided enormous value to companies for doing business, data privacy has become an important aspect while handling data. Data Privacy laws such as CCPA and GDPR have put the responsibility on businesses to ensure privacy of personal data. It has empowered individuals or citizens to make businesses accountable if they are collecting, storing to sharing their personal data. The best example of that here in the United States is the ability to raise Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) under the California Consumer Privacy Act which is coming into effect from January 1, 2020. Once consumers submit DSAR requests companies will need to provide the consumer with the information they have about consumers and how it is being shared. 

It is a gigantic task for organizations to find traces of individual/personal data across the enterprise. The first question is where do we start? The very first step in the preparation for CCPA or GDPR requirements is knowing where all personal data assets are. Data is dispersed across organizations often with nothing to refer to at the software asset level. Hardware inventories are often created but a similar thing is not available for data files or databases. Creating accurate Data or information asset inventory is of utmost importance for successful CCPA or GDPR projects. It is also a requirement within GDPR.

Ardent Data Privacy solution automates that process with a full lifecycle solution.

Data Asset Inventory 

Before data identification and mapping can occur, Ardent Solution provides full data inventory with essential parameters for data search and mapping. This is done by installing software to scan available data. Once this scan is complete, data inventory with intelligent data points to determine what information business needs to care about. Ardent solution uses an exclusive process that provides intelligent decision points on mapping and organizing data. This process is a precursor to our data minimization offering. Also, this is key step in fulfilling DSAR (Data Subject Access Request) responses. CCPA mandates to respond to DSAR requests in 45 days which needs an inventory of data businesses have about individuals and households.

Data Identification and mapping 

Once you have effective and accurate data inventory data needs to be identified and tagged appropriately. Ardent solution provides the ability for identification and tagging of data assets and automating that process as data volumes are large. It also provides a means to label or classify data based on business needs. 

Benefits of Data Identification and Mapping Success

Through data inventory, data identification and mapping, Ardent can provide your business with the following benefits:

  • Management of privacy to ensure your business remains compliant with data privacy and security regulations.
  • Reports to ensure you stay in-the-know about the data your business stores and uses.
  • Data inventory that allows you to access your information easily and effectively.
  • Risk analysis to help protect your business from high-risk situations.

Poor Data Management can cost big fines or penalties with new data privacy laws

Businesses need to do due diligence on personal data they hold about individuals or households. Due to the large volume of data and lack of privacy requirements before business did not organize data with the privacy of personal data in mind. That will need to change, and businesses will need to implement effective data management practices to do due diligence on personal data. Poor management of data can into a significant liability.

Equally troublesome is enormous amounts of unneeded data. As a result, enterprise data identification and mapping lead to defensible data deletion. This places businesses in better positions during litigation.

Moreover, ongoing legal requirements can become besieged by regulations. Data that is not managed and tracked appropriately add to the burden.

Also, data needs protection from breaches. With the rise of disparate regulations, businesses need practical solutions to meet compliance objectives.

By taking the first step in securing data identification and mapping tools, businesses can respond to the challenges. The more they know about the source, location, and volume of data, the better their decisions are.

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