pointing out automated privacy compliance security codeKeeping up with the latest changes in compliance regulation is challenging and recent privacy laws CCPA, GDPR bring unique requirements while collecting, storing, managing, sharing and deleting data. Companies must comply with these requirements and this task is laborious due to a large amount of data and complexity of IT environments. Ardent solution automates that process and makes it efficient saving significant cost for companies.

The Business Need for Automating Compliance

As per recent statistics, we are adding 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day and 90% of data was generated I last 2 years alone. Enterprises and government agencies have the same story, data is growing at such a fast pace and that makes it difficult to manage. Data is also not stored at the same place; it exists in various places within as well as an outside company which is difficult to track and keep up with it. Privacy compliance makes it even more challenging to protect personal data among large data. Automating privacy compliance helps companies to manage privacy efficiently and saves money by automating the process.

How Can Ardent Solution Help?

Ardent solution automates the compliance process throughout the data lifecycle.

  1. Data discovery, identification, and mapping 

Once you discover data the first time you get an initial view into your data assets and get decision points to manage data effectively and know where everything is. This is important for Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR), Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), Data Privacy Impact Assessments(DPIA)  required for CCPA and/or GDPR. Ardent solution does this on a continuous basis depending on the requirement and preference of the organization. 

  1. Data Minimization 

Data minimization is a continuous process as data can be constantly changing. Ardent solution provides means and technology to do this on a regular basis and save time and money by reducing manual efforts. You can set schedules to take action on excess data reducing supply chain risk with confidence. 

Benefits of Automating Privacy Compliance 

The ability to consistently adhere to rules offers many benefits to companies. As such, choosing to use compliance automation software minimizes risks to personal data. 

Since most industries deal with continuous updates of laws and regulatory requirements, automation of compliance makes things easier. In fact, companies can have more productive, accurate and simplified processes.

Some benefits to automated compliance include:

  • Time and cost-effective implementation controls
  • Real-time data receives better risk management decisions
  • Manage third-party risks by exposing potential weaknesses
  • Reduce chances of breaches or compliance fines
  • Consistent implementation of compliance policies across multiple computing platforms
  • Minimize mistakes from inaccurate or inadequate reporting

Reduce Risk by Automating Privacy Compliance

One mishap from not following the rules can cost your company huge fines. Crisis stemming from a data breach can break the integrity and trustworthiness of your company’s reputation.

Ardent commits to ensuring you have customized compliance automation which suits your needs. Our comprehensive solution eliminates whatever may stand in the way. We provide services that include:

Let us help you implement privacy compliance efficiently reducing business risk and cost of compliance.  Contact Ardent today at 833.888.7853 and speak with one of our data privacy experts.