Today more than ever, companies need a data risk management process that effectively governs their information. For the most part, this entails a three-pronged approach to discover, map, and identify what’s important to keep. Equally important is deciding what to delete and how to keep the remaining data private. Data privacy should never be overlooked when it comes to data management and security.

Ardent, a data management/security company in Maryland, offers a simple solution. Minimizing data reduces your company’s risk and exposure. Otherwise, the potential for compromising your data’s integrity increases.

Collecting and storing enormous amounts of data without defining future use is a common business practice. However, it is not a good approach and skips the important data risk assessment. Ardent helps you find the best way to secure your data assets.

We work with you to assess your current data strategy. Through our Data Minimization Platform solution, we take an innovative approach to identify and eliminate data. Together, we make sure your data security hygiene habits remain GDPR, CCPA, and FISMA compliant.

The Challenges Businesses Face with Data Management

In today’s climate, many businesses face a variety of challenges when it comes to properly store their data. One of the biggest challenges is to remain compliant with all FISMA, GDPR, and CCPA regulations, as well as any DSAR’s they receive. This risk increases as the amount of data being stored by the business increases. This increase in data also brings the risk of security chains and other issues. As the data continues to grow, businesses face the downfall of lacking a data lifecycle process. This is where Ardent steps in.

Our name stands for what businesses need when it comes to data privacy and security:

A- Aligned to businesses
R- Risk-based approach
D- Data-centric approach
E- Enterprise ready
N- New and innovative approach to solving problems
T- Targeted approach to privacy and security

The Ardent Product – Our Comprehensive Data Risk Management Solution

Regardless of the industry, every company requires a uniquely solid solution to securing their data assets. Ardent uses successful data-centric security implementation that ensures the right strategic approach.

We begin by identifying any unnecessary data that you may be storing through data inventory and mapping. This is a continuous process that allows us to then minimize your data to reduce privacy and security risks. Our team can then properly dispose of any unnecessary yet sensitive data to protect the privacy of consumers. Throughout our processes, Ardent is constantly mapping PII data for disposal as well as searching and identifying any new data being stored. By monitoring any excess data we can help protect data privacy and lower your risk of any data breaches and problems.

By developing a data risk management process, we take actionable steps to secure your data assets. In general, our solutions include:

  • Data management
  • Compliance automation
  • Data identification and mapping
  • Secure data lifecycle management
  • Data minimization

For more information, contact Ardent at 833.888.7853. Start today with the right toolsets for reducing business risks.