Join Ardent Founder and CEO Sameer Ahirrao , on March 13 at ISACA Central Maryland chapter event at
The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute of Technology (CCMIT) in Linthicum Heights, MD for session ”
Data Minimization: Storage Is Cheap, Securing Data is not! To register for event or more information on event follow this link .

In data centric world we live in we are not paying attention to how much more data we are storing than we really need. Storage is cheap but security is not! More data means more responsibility to secure it and more liability on your financial books. In this session you will learn how “Data Minimization” can help your company reducing your business risk. New data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA are making companies accountable for personal data they own and mandating to minimize personal data of consumers.


As an independent, nonprofit, global association, ISACA engages in the development, adoption and use of globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for information systems. Previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, ISACA now goes by its acronym only, to reflect the broad range of IT governance professionals it serves.

About Ardent Security:

Ardent Security is Data security company based in Maryland . It is leading provider of Data Minimization solutions to help enterprises reduce their business risk by minimizing and eliminating excess data and help them comply with data privacy regulations GDPR , CCPA.

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