The development process has moved to an agile approach and agility can bring security and privacy issues. Businesses have to release faster and that can bring less time to secure test data.

The Need for Securing Test Data

When big production applications begin testing, they test new versions within a development/testing environment. Once the application is successful within this environment, they will then move into the actual production. 

However, when applications are within the development environment, there isn’t any data to replicate a real-life scenario. To help recreate an environment for realistic testing, businesses will often copy production data into this environment. This process can leave sensitive and personal data in the testing environment which can cause data leakage.

Ardent solution will help find personal data in the testing environment and securely delete it. It can also set up a secure data lifecycle so that test data is automatically deleted after its use is over.

The Business Value of Minimizing Data Breaches

Quality data management and compliance processes through Ardent help your business meet data security compliances such as CCPA, GDPR, and FISMA and are in general good for the business.

In fact, providing accurate guidelines encourages industry benchmarks and real-world results. By quantifying business value, the right solution gets mapped to each data privacy lifecycle phase.

In practice, the steps include:

  • Defining consistent policies and classifying data types
  • Discovering areas that hold sensitive data
  • Applying global policies across different environments
  • Maintaining consistency and integrity with protected data
  • Proving compliance of protected data

The Ardent Advantage

We help your business reduce the risk of data breaches and improve regulatory compliance.

Our unique platform understands what makes data privacy projects successful. We provide data solutions such as:

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