Ardent means “avid” or “passionate” and that is what we are for security and privacy of enterprise data. Our combined experience of 50 years in the business of security gives customers confidence in us to solve complex privacy and security problems in enterprises. We have laid out our vision below:

About Ardent

A = Aligned to business: Privacy and security are not just IT problems. We treat these as business problems and go about solving them in with that mindset for effective solutions.

R= Risk-based approach: This is very important because privacy controls need to fully align to risks to businesses. There is a cost for implementing privacy controls and compliance with laws; we understand we need to be laser-focused to business needs.

D= Data-centric approach: An approach to privacy and security has to be data-centric. We understand what we are trying to protect. Gone are the days of at-home solutions to protect all of our information.

E= Enterprise ready: Our product is made for enterprises; we understand practical problems companies face while implementing a solution, and we have seen it many times. Our Privacy and Security departments already have enough challenges to protect organizations, we help them implement with a path of least resistance going above and beyond their imagination.

N= New and innovative approach to solving problems: We believe the industry we are in needs a new approach to security and privacy to solve real problems. Security programs need to be privacy-centric or should be aligned to privacy. At the end of the day, we are protecting user or organizational data and privacy associated with it with security controls.

T= Targeted approach to privacy and security: Our solutions are straight to the point. Time is of the essence when it comes to protecting your data because resources are limited. We think prioritization is key in securing your organization and that will decide your end result and due diligence. That is what exactly we do; provide you insight into your data assets so you are ready to protect what matters most to your business.

Learn More About Ardent

Data is one of the most valuable asset for enterprises. Applying our less-is-more mission, Ardent maximizes the privacy and security of data within an enterprise by minimizing data. By minimizing data, Ardent reduces your liability and business risk for privacy. Learn more about Ardent today comply with privacy laws such as CCPA, GDPR, FISMA, and more. Contact Ardent today at 833.888.7853  and start your privacy program.